Upcoming Retreats

Balance by Success

How a fulfilling career and maximizing life’s potential can go hand in hand

Coaching Week from 23th – 29th November 2014

What will you achieve this week?
⟣ Review your core priorities in life and gain clear focus and direction
⟣ Better understanding how to balance professional success your life’s purpose
⟣ Become more effective by being aware of the (unconscious) choices you make and the inner dynamics that drives day-to-day behavior
⟣ Restore essential elements of your health and emotional well being

Awareness at the different levels is facilitated by:
⟣    Group Coaching Sessions geared towards the psychoanalytic & systematic approach by our executive coaches Cecile van Loon and Inge van Zon
⟣    Moments of silence to reflect
⟣    Eastern awareness techniques such as yoga & mindfulness through our skilled and experienced yoga teacher and massages by our gifted masseur
⟣    Organic gourmet food from our own garden
⟣    The magic of ancient East-Bali life

During the program, you will have the opportunity to both create space to unwind from your busy lifestyle and focus at the same time. Focus on the things that are truly important for you to gain new, often life-changing, insights.

You too might experience a moment that will not be forgotten, that will last a lifetime…
For more information and detailed program please contact us: leadership@villaflowbali.com