Villa Flow

Villa Flow

The premises of Villa Flow measures four thousand square meters and is located on a hill with amazing views over the sea. An additional private beachfront land measuring one thousand square meters is located at a short walk from the villa, available for those guests looking to lounge and relax directly by the sea.

Villa Flow and the private beachfront land have been designed and built by the owners with the help of a full time crew of 30 men, consisting mostly of neighbors to the villa. The owners have attended to every construction detail themselves.


  • Home-grown organic pesticide (neem/tea tree) is used in the organic garden
  • Organic soap and shampoo is made available for guests to use
  • The garden is whenever necessary and possible watered by three large rain water tanks
  • Waste is segregated on a daily basis, where organic and garden waste is used as composting forthe garden
  • In the construction of the house, care has been taken to maximize the use of locally originated building materials
  • Where wood has been chosen as a building material, these have predominantly been eco-friendly (such as bamboo and coconut)
  • Use of plastics is limited (shopping with eco-friendly bags, etc…)


  • Meals based on a health food concept (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner); vegetarian, vegan, diary and gluten free menu’s are available
  • SPA treatments including signature healing massages
  • Yoga classes
  • Traditional Balinese Cleansing Ceremonies and Rituals
  • Concierge Service
  • Arranging excursions (e.g. Ricefield trekking; Silence walks; Mountain Bike tours; volcano climbing; etc.)
  • Transfer services

The lay-out of the villa maximizes the views over the coconut and palm tree tops towards the Eastern Balinese sea. The owners have taken great measures to preserve the natural contours of the landscape, allowing these to determine the location and build of the construction’s foundations. These foundations consist of three primary buildings: the Coconut House, the Panoramic Overview House and the Main House. The premises are surrounded by a 2 meter plus wall construction of bamboo that blends in well with the environment.

Villa Flow boasts a beautiful emerald infinity pool consisting of three depths that will also allow enthusiastic swimmers to make their laps whilst enjoying magnificent views of the ocean.

Five hundred meters down the road, Villa Flow guests have access to an exclusive and wonderfully landscaped private beachfront land. Elevated 2 meters above the sea, offering panoramic views over the Lombok Strait, the beachfront land allows guests to come to rest on the comfortable lounge chairs scattered across the property. Upon request, breakfast can be arranged in this exceptional setting in the mornings, or a special lunch can be served.

The villa enjoys the benefit of a large Bale Bengong measuring 8 x 4 meters, with the front looking out towards the sea and the rear having a full length mirror. It has been constructed to allow for yoga classes, massage sessions, coaching sessions (see for further information).
The Bale Bengong is surrounded by flowing water, instilling a peaceful calmness when in the Bale.

An organic garden measuring two thousand square meters provides for fresh produce on a daily basis and is located at the bottom half of the premises. The garden includes a herbal and medicinal section, a multi layer vegetable garden with a variety of vegetables and a fruit orchard growing mango, star fruit, grape, avocado, cacao, pomelo, pomegrade, mangosteen, guava, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, banana, lime and tangerine. In addition, coffee plants, soap nut trees and neem trees (of which the kernel is used to make organic pesticide) are grown.

East Bali is the destination to seek connection to authentic Bali life as if in the old days, with all its nature, charm and ancient traditions. The Regency of Karangasem has it all – dramatic scenery, dozens of beaches, coral reefs and shipwrecks for diving and snorkeling, ancient sites, a unique Bali Aga (original inhabitants) village, tropical forest, beautiful rice terraces, royal palaces, beautiful quiet roads and trekking opportunities– and dominating the whole Regency is the brooding presence of Bali’s highest and most sacred volcano, Mount Agung. Seraya-Barat is located next to the small traditional fishing village of Ujung, which itself boasts the beautiful and peaceful Royal Water Palace constructed by the lat king of Karangasem. At a ten minute drive from Seraya-Barat lies the city of Amlapura the capital of the regency.

Villa Flow is part of Banjar Merajan, one of 6 banjars that form the little village of Seraya-Barat, which counts approximately 3.000 inhabitants. Neighboring the villa is Pura Merajan, the main temple of the banjar Merajan, used by the local community on special religious occasions. Seraya-Barat lies within the province of Karangasem, one of the 9 provinces of Bali.