Villa Flow’s menu offers a balanced and healthy plant-based diet. We prepare our food with care and intent, serving delicious, full-flavoured dishes that create well-being and vitality. All food and drink that our guests are offered at Villa Flow are designed and selected to be beneficial to our guests’ health and overall well-being.

The menu contains mainly Asian-inspired cuisine, with an emphasis on local, fresh ingredients and a distinct preference for organic produce. Our own chemical-free gardens provide a rotating seasonal selection of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Additional needs are purchased daily from trusted local suppliers and markets. Our menu is proudly plant-based but we are pleased to add local chicken or locally caught fish to meet guests’ requests. We do not serve red meat or pork. Vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options are always available.

For cooking and salads we use only cold pressed coconut-, olive-, soybean and sesame-oils. For our sweet dishes we use only organic cocoa butter, wild honey and organic palm sugar. The use of dairy and wheat is limited to certain breakfast options, and often replaced by more healthy alternatives.

Our kitchen is open daily from 6.00am – 8.30pm and our friendly staff are more than happy to serve you during these hours.

We offer a daily changing breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. As all of our ingredients are fresh and meals are prepared fresh, please inform the staff whether you will be joining for lunch and/or dinner, and advise them if you have any dietary requirements.

Water is free of charge and available for self-service at several locations on the property. Lemongrass-infused water is available free of charge upon request to our staff. A complimentary healthy afternoon snack will be served along with lemon-iced tea sweetened by wild honey.

We offer a wide selection of healthy and delicious juices, many of which include fruit freshly picked from our garden and squeezed to order. With our own cold-press juicer, we ensure the maximum health benefit from the fruit selected. None of our juices contain processed additives. Wine and liquor are not offered at Villa Flow.