Over the past few years, we have expanded and upgraded all of our flower, fruit, vegetable and herb gardens. We have scoured Bali to expand the varieties of plants that are on display and we have re-oriented the gardens to ensure that our guests have every opportunity to witness and delight in the changes.

Borrowing many of the principles of the surviving examples of gardens of the late Ming dynasty, we have created meandering pathways through the gardens, inviting guests to wander, linger and experience rather than simply look at our works. The addition of seats and shelters has provided an opportunity for immersion in the sights, smells and sounds of our half-hectare plot. For coffee-drinkers, we encourage an early-morning cup under one of the many frangipani trees to savour the fresh smell of morning and to watch and listen to the birds wake up.

We believe that gardening is creativity in multi-dimensional form; including not least, colour, texture, and scent. So, from our whimsical 8-scent garden to the hammock in the passion-fruit covered walk, from our bandstand-inspired gazebo to tricking of waterfalls beside the aviary, from the outdoor pool shower festooned with orchids to the simplicity of a natural stone seat in the afternoon shade, we have created a place of wonder imagination. For those more intellectually inclined, we are happy to provide our listing of the dozens of different plants.

Our fruit tree selections have been expanded to include several varieties of avocado, bananas and mango and we have newly planted soursop and sapodilla. Our heavy clay soil precludes most citrus fruit but proves a boon to the proliferation of papaya trees. Our aim is simply: at least one fresh papaya every day and we have sought and secured some of the sweetest varieties available.

With careful selection and propagation, we have acquired an extensive orchid collection. A collection that we showcase at the entrance but rotate frequently to ensure beneficial growing conditions and colour in the orchid-resting stations throughout the flower gardens.

Throughout these changes, we have not wavered from the idea that gardens should be chemical-free. We regard ourselves as temporary custodians, determined to leave a healthier soil.

As our gardens are living and growing entities, they are constantly changing. Whether because we have pruned to encourage new or re-directed growth or because we have alighted on another idea to enhance, entrance and delight, we hope that our guests will appreciate the vision and effort that goes into creating an environment that is simultaneously eternal and ephemeral.