Villa Flow

Villa Flow

The grounds of Villa Flow stretch across half a hectare of a sprawling valley near the Lombok Straits on south-eastern side of Bali.   We are 800m from the nearest shoreline but beaches nearby are stony, rocky or almost non-existent.  The nearest recognized tourist beach is White Sands Beach (also known as Virgin Beach) which is almost 15 minutes by car.   There you will find white sands, beach chairs and umbrellas, food stalls and trinket sellers.  Although we are surrounded by tall palm trees and have the joy of witnessing pink and orange sunsets through the trees and across our sweeping view of water, we are definitively not a beach holiday destination.
The accommodation is spacious by any standards, vast by most.   Our smallest room is 20 square metres with an additional 9 square metres of bathroom and 15 square metres of private balcony; our largest 26 square metres with an additional 18 square metres and 10 square metres of private balcony.


• Natural pesticides of neem and tea tree are used in the chemical-free fruit and vegetable gardens
• Locally produced organic soap and shampoo is available for guests to use
• Whenever necessary and possible the gardens are watered by a growing number of large rainwater tanks
• Waste is segregated on a daily basis, with organic and garden waste being used as compost for the garden


• All meals at Villa Flow are based on the concept of healthy, wholesome and delicious food.  The menu is very largely plant-based with chicken and fish available at all times.  Vegetarian, vegan, diary free, and gluten free menus are readily available.

Also available are
• A range of healing spa treatments
• Yoga classes
• Traditional Balinese cleansing ceremonies and rituals

• A concierge service is at your beck and call
• Excursions can be easily arranged, with rice field trekking, bicycle rides and volcano climbing being among the most popular
• Airport transfer services are available upon request

The layout of the villa maximizes the views, overlooking the tops of the coconut and palm trees, facing the islands of Nusa Penida to the south and the Province of Lombok to the south-east. We have preserved and reinforced the natural contours of the landscape, echoing the stepped terraces of rice fields and providing opportunity for micro-climates within the gardens

Villa Flow boasts a beautiful emerald infinity pool consisting of three convenient depths. Enthusiastic swimmers have space to swim laps, whilst leisurely dippers have the chance to float with magnificent views of the ocean.

The pool shower has been incorporated into the landscaping design, offering a shower festooned with orchids and covered by waving strands of bourgainvillea and a thatch of the magnificent lady’s slipper vine.

The villa enjoys the benefit of a large Bale Bengong measuring 8 x 4 metres, with the front looking out towards the sea and the rear having a full length mirror. It has been constructed to allow for Yoga classes, massage sessions, and coaching sessions.
The Bale Bengong is surrounded by flowing water, instilling a peaceful calmness from the moment you step inside.


Organic gardens encompassing three thousand square metres are located within the walls of Villa Flow. We are committed to chemical-free growing of fruit and vegetables and ensure the health and vitality of the soil through a program of composting and fertilization from local cattle and chicken farms. These gardens are designed to provide a regular stream of fresh produce to the Villa Flow kitchen. The gardens include a multitude of herbal and medicinal plants, a multi layer vegetable garden with a variety of vegetables, and a fruit orchard growing; mango, star fruit, avocado, cacao, pomegranate, mangosteen, rambutan, sapodilla, sourpsop, guava, papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, banana, fig and lime.


Extensively renovated and replanted, the flower gardens that surround the buildings and swimming pool have been professionally landscaped and now include a cornucopia of colours, textures and scents designed to paly with your senses.  You can stroll along paths that teem with lemongrass, brunfelsia, hisbiscus, brugmansia, mock-orange, and peacock-flowers.  Stop to admire the profusion of orchids and have a refreshing drink at the shaded table by the aviary.  After the heat of the day, the evenings are often heavy with the mingled scents of plants from every tropical corner of the world.  Ask us for a (non-exhaustive) listing our our plants or, better yet, a guided tour replete with stories about the plants and their uses over time.

We have purposely redesigned all gardens to be walked through, paused in and experienced rather than simply utilitarian or visually impressive.  There are paths and resting places, seats and shelters throughout.  Every day provides us with a new favourite spot to marvel at our surroudings.

East Bali is the destination to seek connection to authentic Bali life with all its nature, charm and ancient traditions. The Regency of Karangasem has it all – dramatic scenery; beaches, coral reefs and shipwrecks for diving and snorkelling; ancient sites; a unique Bali Aga (original inhabitants) village; tropical forests; beautiful rice terraces; royal palaces; and beautiful quiet roads. Trekking opportunities abound with the whole regency being dominated by the omnipotent presence of Bali’s highest and most sacred volcano, Mount Agung. Seraya-Barat is located next to the small traditional fishing village of Ujung, which itself boasts the beautiful and peaceful Taman Ujung Water Palace constructed by the late king of Karangasem.  Driving ten minutes from Seraya-Barat will place you in the city of Amlapura, the capital of the regency.